Japan Rugby Football Union, in cooperation with the Japanese government's "JENESYS2018 Dispatch Project” participated as part of "Impact Beyond 2019" * and "Asian Scrum Project" from January 29th to February 6th, 2019.
This program aimed to raise awareness for the Rugby World Cup 2019 and the Olympic and Paralympic Games to be held in Tokyo in 2020. At the same time the purpose was also to deepen the relationship between Philippines and Japan. A total of 17 people including high school students, university students, and leaders from Japan were dispatched with the help of Shizuoka prefecture rugby football union and Tokai University Shiho senior high school. Japan Rugby Football Union will contribute to fostering the momentum of the venue and legacy creation from now on.

Dispatch Period: January 29th, 2019 to February 6th, 2019
Dispatch country: Philippines
Dispatch staff:

  1. Tokai University Shoyo High School women’s rugby team – 10 students
  2. University of Shizuoka men’s rugby team – 3 students
  3. Shikoku University women’s rugby team – 1 student
  4. Nihon University Mishima Campus – 1 student
  5. Tokai University Shoyo High School instructor/rugby coach – 1 person
  6. Japan Rugby Football Union Rugby Development Department – 1 person


January 29 - Orientation at Haneda Airport
Leave to Manila, Philippine
January 30 Afternoon - AM: Visit to Embassy of Japan in Philippine
PM: Courtesy Call to NYC with Philippine Rugby Union
January 31 - San Juan Visit (School Exchange Program)
San Juan City National High School
Tag Rugby experience
      Courtesy Call to San Juan City Mayor (Ms. Guia Gomez)
February 1 - San Juan Visit (School Exchange Program)
OB Montessori School, San Juan City
Tag Rugby experience
February 2 - AM: Home Visit
Barangay Corazon De Jesus, San Juan City
PM: Tag Rugby experience
February 3 Touch Rugby Exhibition with local club members and Philippine National Women players at McKinley Hill Stadium
February 4 - AM: Visit to JICA office in Manila and Uniquease (local Japanese company)
PM: Workshop preparation
February 5 - AM: Workshop
PM: Visit to Mall of Asia
February 6 - Return to Japan